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About Us

Thank you for visiting Stroud Braided Rugs. We appreciate your interest and look forward to serving your needs.

We're a family-owned business that has been manufacturing braided rugs for generations. Over the last 30 years, The American textile industry has changed dramatically. We've survived and grown our business by focusing on what we do best: producing rugs that last.

We take a simple approach to our business: we treat our employees and customers the way we would want to be treated. It's not always the best thing for business in the short-run, but over the long term, it has served us well (and helped us sleep through the night).

In 2010, we decided to offer our braided rugs online — directly to the public at wholesale prices. The web site was such a success that we decided to ONLY sell our rugs online. Today you'll only find our rugs here on our web site and at (a smaller selection) — not in stores or on other web sites.

Selling directly to consumers has changed our business and given us a number of advantages:

#1. Factory-direct Savings

No middle man. No added costs. Our low overhead and direct sales approach means more of your dollars go toward what it should: a quality rug. More »

#2. Owner-direct Service

If you need help or have a problem with your order, you can speak directly with a member of the Stroud family. More »

#3. Free Samples

Buy with confidence: we'll be happy to send you free samples of any rugs you're interested in. Seeing (and feeling) is believing. More »

#4. Easy Returns

We want you to be 100% happy with your order. If you're not, you can return your rugs within 30 days of receiving them for a full refund. We also offer a 90-day manufacturer guarantee that protects you against any defects. More »

#5. Free Shipping

We offer 100% FREE SHIPPING on all orders (large and small) to the lower 48 United States. It costs us a lot more to ship to other regions, and we try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible. More »

#6. Made to Order

We make your rugs specifically for your order -- the rugs your put in your home will never sit in a warehouse collecting dust, dander, critters, and other items you wouldn't otherwise invite in. More »

#7. Rugs that Last

It seems like nothing is made to last any more. Maybe that makes us old-fashioned: we make rugs that will serve you and your family for many years. More »

About Our Rugs

Machine Washable

Dirty rug? No problem - you can machine wash smaller rugs and use your garden hose on larger rugs. And: they dry fast.
NOTE: Wool rugs must be hand washed.


Since our rugs are 100% waterproof (and won't dry rot like cotton rugs), you can use them anywhere, on any surface.
NOTE: Wool rugs must be used indoors only.

Reversible & Durable

Our rugs are reversible, so flip 'em over and get double the life. They're also stain-, fade-, and mildew-resistant, so they last even longer.

Made in America

Our rugs are 100% Made in the USA. We manufacture our rugs in the mountains of North Carolina, and we buy our materials and equipment from American companies. Your purchase supports the American economy and a company dedicated to keeping jobs here at home.

3 Reasons you'll be glad you purchased Stroud Braided Rugs:

#1. They won't pull apart

Some braided rugs will pull apart over time. Our rugs hold together better because of:
  • Tighter Braid, Real Yarn Core: How tightly a rug is braided is a very good indicator of quality. After all, it doesn't matter how good the yarn or sewing is if the braid is weak. We use 5-carrier braiders to make our braid (most manufacturers use 3-carrier braiders or harness braiders). Our 5-carrier braiders provide a tighter braid that holds the stitch much better. We also use high-quality yarn and use that very same yarn for the braid's core (some manufacturers use other material - even paper - for the core of the braid). Using the same yarn in the core is also helpful over time: if the core does show, it looks exactly like the braid.
  • Stronger Thread: We sew our rugs with extra strong monofilament thread. It costs a little more, but it's well worth it: it holds the rug together better than cotton (which is also prone to dry rot).
  • Experienced Sewers, Better Machines: Our sewers have been sewing our braided rugs for a long time and are very conscientious - if they miss a stitch, we don't ship that rug. We've also invested in quality sewing machines that provide a wider stitch & more stitches per inch.

#2. They lay flat

Some braided rugs have lumps, even after laying out for a few weeks. Our rugs always lay flat thanks to the tightness of the braid and our experienced sewers. Lumps not only look bad, but they cause the rug to wear unevenly as well. And our rugs typically lay flat enough for any door to close over them (a relief for many braided rug buyers).

#3. They look better, longer

Customers that choose Stroud Braided Rugs swear they'll never put another type of braided rug in their home. Hearing that makes our attention to quality worth it. We know that if we sell you a quality rug that lasts and looks great year after year, you'll come back when it's time to replace that rug. Here are several reasons our rugs wear better and last longer:
  • Reversible: Just flip it and get double the wear -- our rugs look the same on both sides, and we don't sew any marketing patches on either side.
  • Washable: Our rugs can be used either indoors or outdoors, and you can wash them with a hose or in your washing machine (lay flat to dry). Thanks to our high-quality yarn, our rugs also dry very quickly.
    NOTE: Wool rugs must be hand washed and used indoors only.
  • Durable, Stain-Resistant, Mildew-Resistant Yarn: Over the years we've tried about every yarn out there. The olefin and wool we use in our rugs are simply the best we've ever found. Olefin is a synthetic, polypropylene yarn that is extremely durable, yet soft enough for use indoors. Wool is a natural material that is extremely soft, but has been manufactured for use in braided rugs that need to hold together for years.

    Both yarns are stain-resistant and resist fading thanks to a Solution Dyeing Process which dyes each strand of yarn all the way through, not just on top (as with some lower-quality yarns).

    Click here to read more about our wool and olefin yarns.

    Note: Not all olefin yarn is the same. Cheaper grades are somewhat shiny and may develop a fuzziness over time. The yarn we use is first quality olefin carpet yarn that undergoes a naturalization process to give it the look and feel of softer yarns but with the washability and durability of polypropylene.

    We'd be happy to send you a free sample of our yarns, just click the Free Sample tab on any rug.
Thanks for reading!
~ Everyone at Stroud Braided Rugs
The Stroud Braided Rugs Family.
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