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Olefin vs Wool

At Stroud Braided Rugs, we make our rugs from two types of yarn: olefin and wool. Each yarn type has advantages and disadvantages. Here's a look at the key differences:

Olefin Wool
You can use it: Indoors or outdoors Indoors only
Cleaning: Machine or hand wash Dry extraction kit
Durability/softness: More durable More soft
Made in the USABoth yarns are manufactured in America

Bottom line:
If you're looking for...
A rug to use outdoors or that you can machine wash... olefin is the best choice.
Otherwise, either yarn will work in your home.
For most customers, the decision comes down to which design they like best. Both yarns balance softness and durability incredibly well, but wool is a bit softer and olefin is more durable.
Learn more:
If you still have questions or would like a sample of each yarn to compare, don't hesitate to call us (704-434-2495) or email us at [email protected]. You can also request samples of the rugs you're interested in by clicking the "Free Sample" tab when viewing a rug.
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is each yarn made of?
Olefin is...
A synthetic carpet yarn (similar to what you might find in your home). It's specifically dyed for use in our braided rugs and undergoes a softening process.

Wool is...
100% pure wool dyed here in the United States. Like our olefin, the yarn is specifically manufactured for use in braided rugs.
Which yarn will last longer?
Olefin. Wool is an organic material that will eventually break down over time. Olefin is a synthetic fiber and has a virtually limitless shelf life. Both rugs, however, will enjoy a very long life (decades at least; some of our rugs have been in use for generations!).

Longevity mostly depends on where the rug is placed in the home and specifically how much daily traffic and wear and tear it endures.
Which yarn is best for pets?
Olefin. Wool is a more delicate yarn, and we've found that animal toenails can pick at the threads. If you decide on a wool rug, we strongly recommend you use it only with declawed animals or keep the rug outside your pet zones.
Is either yarn hypoallergenic?
Yes. Olefin is completely hypoallergenic. Wool is not. If you suffer from a wool allergy or are sensitive to textiles made from wool-like materials, olefin is the best choice.
Do you mix the yarns?
No. Your rugs will be made entirely from olefin or entirely from wool. We also use yarn in the core of our rugs (never paper or other fibers).
Is there a price difference between the two?
Wool rugs cost about 25% more than olefin (wool yarn costs us more and shipping is slightly higher).

NOTE: All olefin rugs are priced the same (no matter what design you choose). Wool rugs are also all priced the same (regardless of design).
Who do I contact if I have a question?
If you still have questions or would like a sample of each yarn to compare, don't hesitate to call us (704-434-2495) or email us at [email protected].
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