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Braided Rug

All of our rugs are:

We can make this rug with olefin or wool yarn.
Each yarn type has advantages.
synthetic carpet yarn
100% natural fiber
more durable
100% waterproof (use indoors/outdoors)
indoor use only
machine or hand wash
dry extraction cleaning
ideal for pets
place outside pet zones
Bottom line: if you're using your rugs indoors, either yarn will work. If you need an outdoor rug or prefer to machine-wash your rugs, olefin is best.
Having trouble deciding? No problem. You can request a free sample of each yarn or call us at 704-434-2495 or email us. We're happy to help.

NOTE: All of our designs are priced the same–so pick the one you really want. Rugs made with wool yarn cost about 20% more than olefin (wool yarn costs us more and shipping is slightly higher).

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Call Rebecca Stroud or Julia at 704-434-2495 or email us.
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